EP204-comfortable wear as it delivers great acoustic soundings. You shall notice structure-innovative ergonomic design, which would comfortably embedded into your ear. The 3 spots respectively embedded into ear notch, relieve the antihelix and stick to the ear lobule, they are all investigated in tiny aspects.
Shadow black, Shinny red, Metallic white
The three color versions provides color in the music, come to pick up the color that suits your style mostly.
The oval shape of the sound tube came about based on extensive research on the human ear. Designed to fit any ear comfortably, the ergonomic shape ensure optimal fit and comfort for total music enjoyment.


Power of 13mm acoustic speaker

EP204 has double size of driver than general in-ear bud, EP204 gets a 13mm driver inside while normally there is only 6mm. This only results in greater bass delivery, EP204 ‘s shocking stereo bass could make you feel like in a theater.
Accurately reproduce high frequency sounds
The speaker is almost the most important part of earphones, the metal membrane vibrates via the magnetic force induced from the incoming current. Lightweighted metal membrane (moving parts) in EP204 is desired for high frequency sound reproduction.
Highly practical and durable
EP204 was prudently designed from the very beginning, and it adopts ABS materials for the structure formation. Dedicated engineering to combine all the cutting edge wearable technology in one.
Flat cable ensures that your cord stays smooth and tangle free - always. The cable slide adds stylish ease and convenience on the go.
Silicon rubber ear cushions
Since the ear cushion is the long touching part of the earphone to humans, its comfortness and functionality is our main concern. Silicon rubber features super soft, durable to large range temperatures while maintaining great acoustic properties. EP204 would bring you into a world of great music and great comfort.
                      EP204 earphones feature a built-in microphone so you can                            easily switch from listening to music to taking phone calls.                               It’s a breeze staying connected with your music – and                                  with the people who matter most to you.
Remote control, for
iphones when phones
come, click once--dial up,
when playing music in iphones,
ipads, click once--play, click again--pause,
double click—next song